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Commission: Spider-Woman's New Distress

Updated: Feb 2, 2021

I feel like I have ignored Spider-Woman for a little bit there... well, this #commission definitely changed things up, doesn't it? She's barely four months(ish) in her new duds and Jessica is already all bundled up in it? Yeah, that's how fanboys of the #DiD community work, Jess!

Frelncr is an artist I have worked with a couple of times before and he has done nothing but gives me GLORIOUS outcomes every time. Fun fact, it ain't the first Spider-Woman #commission with him either and it's part of my backlog commissions and I might just post it soon. With this fantastic artwork of Jess in her new duds and in #DiD.... time to catch up. Though I got some good news: this ain't the only one in this situation if one knows what I mean! Definitely will update!

Until Next Time!

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