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Commission: Spider-Woman vs Morgan Le Fay

Updated: Feb 2, 2021

It's very rare to see a powerful Villainess under duress thanks to their benevolent rival. For Morgan Le Fay, unfortunately for her, she has a rival named Jessica Drew, aka the Original and THE BEST Spider-Woman--a superheroine who was ever-so-fervent in paying the Sorceress back for all the times she haunted Jessica's life. For my headcanon and through a wonderful #commission, that revenge came to fruition and it resulted into... well, this. A villainess in distress? That's right! Morgan Le Fay is the one in pure utter humiliation and Spider-Woman is the one causing said humiliation!

Skelebomb DiD something amazing with this---yes, it's an amazing piece of art, but he also DiD wonders with replicating a close-up artwork to mirror the original pic. Clearly Skele DiD everything I ever wanted with this, from the sexiness of Jess and Morgan's body, to the battle-worn outfits, to the emotions, just everything!

And might I add that Skele's added conversation between the Avengers and Spider-Woman adds something to the entire picture! Again, another #marvelous commission from way back when! Would love to work with Skele again one of these days!

Until Next Time!

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