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Commission: Spider-Woman vs Terra Branford

Updated: Feb 2, 2021

Another wonderful #commission by the talented BlackProf! Where DiD this unorthodox idea come from? Well, BlackProf has the series called Spider-Woman VS... (rightfully titled), a series where Jessica Drew somehow managed to gain the ability to use cross dimensional webs to capture several women from not only the Mutliverse but the Omniverse. That idea opened up a can of worms and the result is me wanting nothing more than to have one of my favorite femme fatale turn on someone as lovely as Terra Branford! Before my commission, everything has been comic book gals getting DiD'ed by Spider-Woman. Now it's time to see how a Final Fantasy gal fares against the cross dimensional webbing of the Spider-Woman!

Well, seems like the Magitek Knight isn't doing so well at the moment.... Let's find out if others do better (yep, I have plans!)...

Until Next Time!

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