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Commission: Terra Branford

Updated: Feb 2, 2021

A very underrated female protagonist of Final Fantasy VI; long before the introduction of fan service Tifa, or the female Cloud, Lightning, Terra Branford was the main Final Fantasy gal that stole the show. For being awesome, she deserved a commissioned artwork from me!

Long before I was enamored by Rikku's unresistable cuteness (and that Thief outfit of hers with that yellow thong), there was my first Final Fantasy waifu, Terra Branford. Half Esper, Half human, a mage with green hair, and more than likely the intended protagonist of Final Fantasy VI (that's up to debate). She has a cool outfit that is sexy as it is stylish, but not overtly sexualized, green hair that is sometimes depicted blondish-green (how does that work?), purple eyes that is mesmerizing, and of course she is a blast playing as in the recent (fighting) Final Fantasy game, Dissidia NT.

Commissioning Terra was going to happen whether or not Dissidia NT happened, whether or not I enjoyed said game. Who the artist would be and what kind of commission it's supposed to be was the real question. But I decided for Terra's first paid fanart appreciation from me, she would be imposing, elegant, and attracting, so Moonarc was one of my choices. I've worked with Moonarc before so I knew what I was getting into.

At any rate, I hope you all enjoy the result as much as I did! Here's to Terra Branford's first commissioned art from me! And here's to many more!

Until Next Time!

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