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Commission: Terra Branford Captured

Updated: Feb 2, 2021

It's time for another #commission of my favorite #FFVI character--possibly the favorite Final Fantasy character of mine: Terra Branford. And as much as I love how badass she can be, she is also a very good candidate for being a DiD! Thanks to ThunkStudio for making this one happen!

Didn't see this in Dissidia NT, did you?

The Maiden of Benevolence became my favorite #Terra_Branford outfit real quickly. I love just how intricate the designs are even if they are not that complicating compared to her Magitek Knight outfit. Of course, I love how revealing it can be as well!

This is Terra's third color in #Dissidia_NT in regards to her Maiden of Benevolence. At first it's rather awkward but after a few playthroughs with this thing, I came to the realization that there is much to like!


So that's it for this commission! Unfortunately for Terra, I'm not exactly done putting her situations that isn't as complimenting in regards to her badassery. She is a rather sexy #DiD! Though I do plan on commissioning her again in the future in less Distressing situation.

Until Next Time!

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