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Commission: Terra Branford vs Cloud of Darkness

Updated: Feb 2, 2021

Terra Branford vs Cloud of Darkness

This is a pretty different #commission, ain't it? Well, it sure is! I have never done a comic book page/panels commission before after all these years in this hobby, BUT, there is a first time for everything! How do I choose to start it off? Well, let's just say, I went with a bit of a fantasy route!

Banagherlinks is a fantastic Deviant. There are a ton of Deviants who do comic book panel Commissions and I have been interested for some time but Banagherlinks was recommended highly by DestroXXIV!

Comic book panels are a bit different commissioning. Other than having a dialogue within the commission, it's also setting up an 'action' scene as well as some chronological events that has (kind of) beginning, middle, and an end.

Banagher pulled off all of my gathered refs, ideas, and went with it. He modified it and added his own sense of flare. The result? Well, I am letting the pictures do all the talking. I love this.

Also, I do like to point out the process of getting from the finished product. First Banagher give a 3D base. Something that is new for me.

Then we get to the standard sketch phase and line art. Again, all standard form of commissioning experience for me. Then we get to the flat colors, shading, and then boom!

Obviously, there are dialogues added, and so on. But seriously, this whole process was fantastic and the result is obviously spectacular. I HIGHLY recommend anyone wanting to commission comic book panels to seek out Banagher. Much thanks to Destro for the recommendation.

Until Next Time!

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