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Commission: Terra in a Bind

Updated: Feb 1, 2021

The Warriors of Chaos and/or Spiritus can't just leave Terra alone, can they? I mean, how can they not? She's just so darn pretty and wearing the Benevolent Maiden outfit just makes her that much more Fetching. The bad guys and I seem to agree since I can't stop commissioning her in distressing situations myself. This lovely #Commission is done by none other than one of my favorite artist from DeviantArt, Gbeeee. I have commissioned him a ton of times before and needless to say, I have loved every art I have paid for. Seriously, this one is just gorgeous.

I was trying so hard to get him to do the alternate colors of Terra's outfits (you know, the orange/yellow and white/gold combo), but alas, he has not time. I may just push it further though and see what can come of it in the future. Though he was nice enough to give me a free alternate version with white ropes and a different gag. Definitely does not go hand-in-hand with what this 'story is about', but still goes! As you can tell, I have a theme going on with the gag and the ropes.

Well, that's about it! Definitely doing more #DiD commission of Terra in the future!

Until Next Time!

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