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Commission: Terra vs Rikku

Updated: Feb 2, 2021

Another #Commission done and of course it's none other than my top two favorite #Final_Fantasy gals: Terra Branford from FFVI and Rikku from FFX/X2 within the realm of #Dissidia_NT! I could only wish that the spunky Al Bhed thief will make an appearance in said game as a playable character!

Terra v.s. Rikku

So this little bout between Terra and Rikku is actually a moment in my fanficiton based on Dissidia NT. The wonderful art done by PapillionStudio, I couldn't be anymore satisfied with the result. Personally though, I think Terra would take the cake, but that's just me. Well, I hope you all enjoyed this commission!

Until Next Time!

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