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Commission: The Bad Days of Juliet Starling

Ah! Lollipop Chainsaw! While the game didn't reach high regard through the gaming world, it was a rather fun game for me. It was senseless hack-and-slash, it was fanservice, and it features one of my favorite voice actress, Tara Strong herself--aka Rikku! And the character who she lent herself to was the ever-so-adorable-zombie-slaying-cheerleader-school-girl, Juliet Starling!

Speaking of fanservice, the game didn't shy away from giving Highschool of the Dead some homage--another well known fanservice-y anime involving school girls and their fight against zombies. I think the two mix in quite well with each other.

Of course, Juliet comes with some 'casual' outfit. It's also not shy of giving some fantastic fanservice. Too bad Juliet's date night involves some intense struggling to gain her freedom... is it detrimental? Or is it part of the date activities? This #commission left that area vague and up for interpretation!

Of course, what hottie in a fanservice video game will go on without some kind of beachwear, eh? Juliet came with two but I decided to commission her with the striped bikini--simpler but still very sensual. Good for a #DiD moment, that's for sure!

SeductiveBunneh was the fantastic artist behind this commission. I have always enjoyed coming back to her and in the future, I most likely will. Hope y'all enjoyed this little blast from the past!

Until Next Time!

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