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Commission: The Victorious Vixens

Updated: Feb 2, 2021

Was destined to get a picture with my Main Four--with the Victorious Vixens! Rikku! Spider-Woman! Terra Branford! Elsa! Beautiful Ladies with fearsome powers! I love it. The artist is someone I literally started working with within this #commission, the artist, Sovjann, is a talented with and I will definitely work with this artist again. Much thanks to fellow Deviant/Discord member, ScottGrisham for pointing me to this talented artist! We'll see where these gals adventure leads up to!

Also, PRIOR to #Dissidia_NT, Terra Branford went through some hiatus. So the "Victorious Vixens" consisted of Rikku, Spider-Woman, Serana, and Elsa.

This wonderful art is done by Fandias. Still love the art and Serana but clearly, Terra is definetly my main before Terra.

Well, the "V.V" of Rikku, Spider-Woman, Terra, and Elsa will surely have more adventures in the future. How far it goes, only time will tell!

Until Next Time!

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