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Commissions: Genres

Updated: Mar 2, 2019

To talk about genres in terms of commissions would be going into a VERY deep and muddled corner of the hobby. But to put it bluntly: no I'm not going that route. I'm just going to talk about me and the things I commission. I briefly went over some points in my last commission post to help carve out an idea for anyone wanting to commission but don't have a real clear idea as to 'what, why, who, or when'. Just to give a general idea about the things I commission, here is MY COMMISSIONS (Still under construction) area. It's pretty simple to see what types I commission:

  • Crossovers (Most of it is Frozen and Skyrim together)

  • Fetish (Mostly DiD/bondage related)

  • Pin ups

  • For Fun and/or Character tribute

I never had these things in mind when I first started. At first I wanted to get a commissioned artwork as a gift, but we all can see, it turned into a hobby as 'big' as collecting. Which is why, once I get my page 100% on the ball, I will definitely share my experience and help pave the road for those who stumble on my page and always wanted a 'custom' artwork for themselves but never had a clue on how to get the ball rolling. Well, that's it for now.

Until next time!

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