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DC Collectibles: Harley Quinn Statue (Stanley "Artgerm" Lau)

Updated: Mar 8, 2019

I needed more #Harley_Quinn merchandise, right? Well, honestly, I really don't. Harley Quinn inadvertently became one of my favorite DC characters since her viral effect on the medium. So what's the deal with this statue? Well, Stanley "Artgerm" Lau is one of my favorite artists on DeviantArt. In fact, this is based on his awesome cover art:

Obviously I am in love with his artwork and I am even more enamored with how Harley looks on his style. So does this statue pay homage to the wonderful art shown above? Let's find out!

The box is definitely something that holds the statue inside and protects it. The overall design of it is alright, but it's not something that is the main focus of the figure. Honestly, if someone gets a statue and keeps it inside the box, that's just a waste of a purchase (unless one knows that said statue can be sold for a higher price point in the future).

Harley is so darn popular that she gets her own statue wave of different homages to some of the various artists that has drawn her over the years. I like the Babs Tarr one the best since it's very unique. Not sure if I'll go the route of buying more of this.

This is the stand this statue comes in. Like all comic book characters that gets their own series at one point or another, Harley gets her own distinct fonts and coloring. It's a good, stable stand that allows the statue to remain upright.

To say that this is a perfect replication of #Artgerm's cover art is not an accurate statement. Overall it's a good looking statue, don't get me wrong, but there is a disconnect between the promotional and the final product. I'd say the face is where it really falls too far away from the beautiful promo figure. The promotional shot really shows an almost immaculate PVC version of Artgerm's art but the piece I got isn't close to what the promo figure looks like. Don't get me wrong, the final figure still looks amazing, but the painting on the face isn't as refined as the promo pictures shows it to be.

Now the posture of the figure is really good. It does copy the source material quite well, which on its own was sexy and alluring. She has a playful and seductive posture to her and seeing it in tangible form is great. Not sure what the purpose of the diamonds forming into hearts, but that's how it was in Artgerm's artwork so they tried to replicate it. Unfortunately, it did not sculpt as well as I would like and it doesn't exactly translate as well.

As far as painting goes, there are more than a few flaws for me to say that it definitely puts this figure down. Though the areas that are clean makes the figure stand out. Since the theme is red, black, and white, the blue hues from the original artwork (and all the other colorful elements of said figure) is not present so that either takes away or adds a certain satisfaction to it, depending on what one is looking for. All in all, I wish the paint applications could be better.

Multiverse Harley Quinn!

Here she is next to my other Harley Quinn statues. All different costumes/versions of her: Original, Amecomi, Arkham Knight, New 52, and Suicide Squad(DCEU). All from different companies and all have their own take on the ever so popular jester of Gotham City. They're all unique to their own right with the style and the version of the Harley Quinns.

In conclusion, I wish I can say that this is one of the best Harley Quinn statues I have in my collection. With a great source material to pull from, this could/should have been up there, at the very least along side the #Bishoujo ones, but alas, it has too much flaws to make it up there. Do I recommend it? I can't say that she is a necessary one, but I can say that for any Harley collectors, this might be worth a shot. Her price might keep dropping so be on the look out for a cheaper price tag! Other than that, there are plenty of other Harleys out there.

Until Next Time!

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