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DC FanDome 2021

Well, it's that time of the year for #DC! Their FANDOME event is here and they ahve put out some pretty cool things. I'm going to go over some of them and I will post the entire stream at the end of this post if you all want to see the entire thing! So, here we go!


This movie has been in the talks for a LONG time. Finally, The Rock has come back to being a superhero! Or a villain. I'm not sure. I don't know the lore behind Black Adam--heck, most of DC is lost to me but this might be fun. Got some characters they are introducing that seems more interesting than the usuals so lets go!

I'm not sure if I am down for another Batman iteration. I've been burnt out on Batman for some time now and honestly, I'm more interested in other DC characters. Also, please give Catwoman her full outfit. But hey, make this movie good and I'm all for it.

I'm interested in this one for Michael Keaton's Batman. Other than that, this is definitely not high priority for me. But, again, I'm curious.

The first Aquaman was fun so this might have some potential. We shall see. And, Mera looks damn good I won't lie.


While I'm really into the current game I'm playing (#FFXIV, of course), I'm still down to see what other games will catch my attention in the near/far future. Here are the games that Fandome offered.

Now this game is set in the Arkham-Universe; which is good because I enjoyed those games--a lot. They've mostly shown cut scenes and the such and really gave a base idea of what is going on. I'm definitely not opposed with that. Not TOTALLY digging Harley's look but I'm sure there are alternate outfits. At least, should be if they are smart.

This game does look pretty interesting. This trailer was a bit more in the story; prior to this it was about the gameplay. Good to have a mix of the two now and I'm glad for it. It's gotta good premise for a story and definitely looks like it could be fun. I'll keep an eyes on it.

The Entire Stream(?)

Again, this isn't everything, but these are the ones that really caught my interest. DC has been improving things since their initial run on the #DCEU and their video games had always one upped Marvel (with the exception of the new Spider-Man and fighting games, of course since Marvel teamed up with Capcom). So good on them for putting out this stuff and catching some of my attention. Will definitely keep updating the page for more info.

Until Next Time!

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