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Disney Showcase: Snow Queen Elsa

Updated: Feb 2, 2021

Part of my 2018 Holiday Haul, this Disney Showcase Collection was something I was looking for when I went on my 2018 Disneyland trip. No such luck though! Fortunately, I was blessed to receive it for the Holidays! So without further adieu, let's get right into the review of the Disney Showcase Elsa, shall we?

The one thing about the Disney Showcase boxes are that they are a bit plain and not as flashy as one would imagine. It is a Disney product after all, one would think that spending a little more time on their boxes would give it more life. Unfortunately, that's not the case. But who cares about a super elaborate design on the box, right? Disney Showcase Collectibles gives us a box, it says Disney, it shows a picture (though small) of the figurine inside, and then it has styrofoam to protect the delicate figurine and that's that! I can honestly say that it does the job as a box and anything else with the design is extra flare. It's obviously not the first time I have ran across this collection before and if they keep making Elsa (which, I hope a good merchandise of her Winter Dress goes out there), I'll keep on collecting this line!

It's pretty obvious that this design of Elsa is inspired by her Snow Queen and Coronation outfit with the first being the bigger influence that set the aesthetics of this Disney showcase statue. I say the Coronation because the crown is there but obviously it's dominantly taken over by her famous "Let it Go" outfit. The most recognizable difference that deviates from the original snow Queen outfit for me are the lack of sleeves and the way her cape connects to her. With the jewelries that are added along with the over all style, it reminds me of a really fancy snow flake dress that a woman might wear for an elegant ball and/or party. A celebrity party, if you will. Then again, isn't Elsa a well known celebrity these days?

The sculpting throughout this piece is magnificent. The small details really makes the design of this dress pop. From the layers of her bustier, to the snow flakes on her skirt, to the designs on her cape, the wrinkles of her clothing, and the layers of her hair... it's all done with careful attention to details. I especially love the way it pays attention to the way the clothing reacts to her 'movement' and posture.

Color wise, the way they executed the paint and the color of the material they used to make this statue mixes well. The one thing I really like about how this statue looks is how there isn't just one shade that sticks out in her dress; every different shade of blue mixes and compliments well giving it that snow dress illusion. The clear cape is also a good idea since it signifies ice or magic or both! It's really quite impressive. Then the fact that coloring of her skin, her face, and her hair just absolutely makes this an almost perfect replica of Elsa in statue form.

The posture is nothing grand but it is very Elsa like. It's Elsa showing off her ice powers, though the snowflake on her palm doesn't give the best illusion that it's snow magic. It has no effect and it looks rather stiff compared to promotional shots of Elsa's famous pose and some of the other figures/statues I have of her. It's nice don't get me wrong and with her calm and confident expression, it really is a complimenting pose. Again, just nothing special.

Here is Disney Showcase Elsa with Sega Elsa and Disney Showcase Frozen Fever Elsa. Strange how both Disney Showcases are very different from each other in terms of style, though the Snow Dress Elsa looks more like her animation counterpart. Of course, the Sega Elsa is the closest to resemble the Elsa we know and love from the ever so popular Frozen movie.

Right behind this Elsa is the Coronation Elsa from Hamilton Collection site. They are out of scale and definitely not meant to correspond to each other. Though putting them together as a pseudo reference is pretty good with some angling of the photo shot. It's pretty obvious that I love the Coronation Outfit that Elsa wore so I had to get a statue of it. However, the resemblance of the statue in regards to the source material is not all the way there. Definitely this Showcase is much better replicating Elsa.

And speaking of, here's my Elsa collection! Truth to be told, I do want to add one really expensive statue, eventually. Also, MISSING a WINTER ELSA dress! My second favorite Elsa outfit! Come on Funko! Disney! Figma! Someone!

She resembles the character, in this case, Elsa. She's nicely sculpted. Detailed. Well painted. Beautiful pose. These are the qualities that makes a statue a hit in my collecting book. My complaints are small and most of it has to do with the design, but again, I'm a big fan of the Coronation and Winter Dress before any other Elsa outfits. This particular design isn't by any means, bad, just not my favorite but doesn't take away form the way the statue is made. Disney Showcase may not be the norm in my collection of statues but it has the biggest percentage of producing more Elsa paraphernalia in the higher end. Definitely something I recommend for Elsa and/or Disney fans. Must have this in your collection!

Until Next Time!

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