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Dissidia NT: Cloud and Squall new Costumes

It has been some time since I have talked about #Dissidia_NT. As a matter of fact, it's been some time since I picked up the game and that's kind of sad considering how much I love it. Regardless, there are some new things going on with said game and wouldn't you know it? New costumes for two characters who are pretty popular but ones I DON'T use. Ladies and gentlemen, let's getting to some Kingdom Hearts outfits!

Cloud was bound to get some attention sooner than later. Attention in the terms of new outfits, anyways. I never played Kingdom Hearts so I can't say I have some attachment to his this skin. It looks cool; definitely juxtaposes Sephiroth's KH outfit.

Then we have Squal whose outfit is a little less complicating than his FFVII companion. It's actually pretty close to his original FFVIII outfit and it's a good small modifications. If I was a Squall fan I'd get it in a heartbeat. Good breath of fresh air, that's for sure.

Again, a damn shame that I stopped playing. Maybe because time isn't on my side at the given moment. I'll eventually pick it back up some day and I hope that we get a major update and/or a confirmed sequel for it. Who knows? This game didn't perform and that sucks because it can actually be pretty fun. I'm not sure if new skins and/or new characters will give it more life though. But, here's to hoping!

Until Next Time!

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