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Dissidia NT: CONFIRMED Season 1 & Season 2 DLC?!

I know, I've posted a TON of Final Fantasy related things as of late but with this Dissidia NT news, I can't help but post these videos. Why? Well, apparently someone has the good connect to give us some pretty legit 'guesses' since he has gotten the last 3 DLC characters right as of late (Vayne, Locke, and Rinoa). So there are 3 more left for Season 1 pass and apparently they are:

This video from the NightSkyPrince apparently calls back to a Reddit post about a person who 'guessed' who those characters are and well... three right so far? And, wow, how accurate can that get? I'm with NightSkyPrince with the statement that this can't just be luck or coincidence. There has to be some good leaks in there. Now I'm not that enthused with having a FFXI character and Snow Villers from FFXIII; Snow was one of the characters I wasn't that fond of from FFXIII, but hey, more character variation, I suppose. But Yuna? If they go with the FFX-2 Yuna then I'm not at all disappointed but that would still tease the idea of Rikku X-2. I mean, come on, YRP! But Marksman most definitely would fit Yuna and either or, alternate costumes should pay homage to both her FFX and FFX-2 outfit. But this is where it gets really interesting... kind of, depending on which side of the spectrum your'e in:

If this source is just as reputable, seems like there is going to be a Season 2 DLC for #Dissidia_NT, BUT, it looks like it's going to rehash the Deuodecim characters plus Zack Fair and Vivi. Yeah, I'm not at all hyped for season 2 if that's the case. I do hope it's just misguided news, but hey, I can't hack and strip info for beans so I only have the fandom want and do not want opinion!

Wonder what the FFVII fanbase is going to say about this!

Until Next Time!

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