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Dissidia NT: Kam’lanaut 4th DLC character

Updated: Sep 13, 2018

Okay... it's time to talk about the 4th DLC character for #Dissidia_NT. Do I sound excited, or what? First let me just say that I don't know this guy from atom; Kam'lanaut is from FFXI and I never played that, nor do I agree with the whole MMO Final Fantasies as part of the main numbered series. Yes, Y'shtola is darn adorable, but FFXIV is another bastard Final Fantasy like Final Fantasy XI. Just something to squeeze money out of us; a worse tactic than DLCs in my opinion. But enough of that.

The guy does look somewhat cool but his moves looks too generic. Obviously he is going to be a vanguard and he brings nothing interesting on the table for me. This guy is an easy pass, that's for sure! Hoping that the 5th DLC of Dissidia NT will be better!

BUT ACCORDING TO THIS, Yuna will be next. And the "prediction" is correct about the next DLC character being a FFXI character. Hmmmm!


Correction, from watching True BladeSeeker, Kam'lanaut is actually a specialist. Also, looks like he has some interesting moves. But still, just like Vayne, I'm not getting him.

Until Next Time!

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