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Dissidia NT: Locke Cole 2nd DLC

Updated: Mar 9, 2019

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I AM REALLY EXCITED FOR THIS ANNOUCNEMENT! Why, you ask? First, I'm a #FFVI fan; even though I started out with FFVII, Final Fantasy VI was my second game around and I fell in love with it far more than I did with Final Fantasy VII. I love Terra (obviously), I love the story, the characters, and Kefka is just insane. Locke Cole, the thief... treasure hunter of the crew is high on the list of my favorite characters. In fact, he's on the top five with Terra leading the fray, followed by Shadow, Celes, Sabin, then somewhere in there is Locke. This is a good day for #Final_Fantasy_VI lovers! But enough of that, let's catch some in-game official announcement:

His gameplay is as expected; fast, agile, using his alternate weapon for long range, and the second skin paying tribute to his sprite in-game! I barely played Ziddane, and I have no intention of using him anymore than I already have, but Locke I'll try and master. I can't always be throwing spells from afar, can I?

Now, as far as having Locke enter the fray poses some cons for me that is hidden behind all the pros. Let me touch base on my two main "gripe" with Locke's introduction to the Dissidia NT realm:

  • He is the THIRD Final Fantasy VI character addition: That may not be a bad thing on face value, but I'm afraid that they are going to limit characters by three for each Final Fantasy. I could be wrong (there was some news somewhere that they want 50 characters total for this game), but I don't think they want to tilt the balance between known and obscure characters. While Locke is a well received character, FFVI is not the top notch Final Fantasy to the mainstream. If the idea that only 3 characters from each Final Fantasy, then the chance of seeing Celes, Shadow, or even someone like Cyan is slim to none.

  • Thief...TREASURE Hunter, twin dagger wielder fighter: Locke's addition might mean the chance of Rikku entering the #Dissidia_NT roster is even lower than before. I mean, I know we have a ton of sword wielding fantasy warriors running around and the issue of having a handful of thief-dual-dagger-wielding warrior isn't a real issue, but it just lowers the probability I think. Maybe fanbase want variety and with Locke, Zidane, and #Rikku being so similar... well, it creates a bigger doubt. I really want Rikku in this game!

Rikku in Dissidia NT is a true Fantasy for me!

So not really deal breakers, but something worth bringing up. Truth to be told, I am more excited than anything else to finally have a second main (Cloud of Darkness, you don't count since I can't use you for gyashi beans)! Also, there seems to be a new background music attached to Locke and it sounds like a good remix of Terra's theme. So yeah, that's about it! Obviously I'll add more updates as I find out more but June is supposed to be his set release? Can't wait!

Until Next Time!

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