• Onyx

Dissidia NT: My Thoughts on Rinoa Heartilly

Updated: Jul 4, 2019

With the inclusion of Rinoa Heartilly as a playable character in #DissidiaNT, I can't help but feel as if she might be a go to person for me, or at least, a second person; Second to Terra Branford! That's a big thing to say, right? Well, let's put it this way: 

She is a marksman/shooter--which means she is just a hitter from the distance--like Terra. I found out long ago that being a long distance player is my playstyle. She feels a bit quicker than Terra with some attacks and she definitely has some pretty diverse ways of attacking from far away!

 Oh, and Angelo is one of her main weapon! What was that?! Just like the game, Angelo can be used as a projectile. Beware the cute doggie that will bite your head off with all its cuteness! Angelo comes packing with a lot of power so she's not go be someone Squall is going to be petting any time soon!

Now what is Rinoa Heartilly without her angel wings? Yes, her sorceress mode! Her magical powers explodes and she is a force to be reckoned with. Familiar elemental spells replace Angelo and the pinwheel--her range seems to have gotten even more dangerous! But it's not all power. Her sorceress form comes with a price: Rinoa's EX skills are not accessible. She cannot be buffed (can't be rebuffed either), AND she LOSES HP every second she is using her sorceress form!