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Dissidia NT: Terra Branford 2.0 (Rework) and Moveset

Courtesy of TrueBlade Seeker, we finally get a structured and in depth break down of Terra's changes for both arcade and PS4; the latter getting in later. So as a Terra Branford main, how do I feel about it?

There are a lot to like and quite a few to dislike. Fira being reduced to three less might not be my favorite, but as long as the four that are discharged are still equal to the damage of seven I'm fine with it. Charged Fira having less window of hitting range is not my favorite change either. Holy having faster and better homing is good. Graviga's change is accepted as well. Tornado, I'm not sure yet, but I suppose that decrease in time isn't going to hurt too much as long as it has it's use. Thundara's animation sequence being slower is cumbersome, but I can still work with it.

As for her Trance losing the buff for speed, defense, and strength, ALSO not a fan, but we'll see what it brings on the table with it affecting HP attacks.

Then let's talk about the elephant in the room: the changes to Meteor. Losing some range might hurt the overall effectiveness and change some of my tactic. But honestly, the fact that Terra doesn't need to have charged state in order to be able to perform the HP attack is always a plus! We'll see how she plays when we finally get these changes--August, I believe.

OVERALL, the fact that she gets less cool down time for her charged state and she doesn't lose it after she gets hit. Reminds me of Cloud of Darkness.

At any rate, that's my first initial thought without actually "touching" the changes. Let's hope it doesn't affect ALL of my tactics and that Terra can still manage to hit as hard as she does in my playthroughs. Might take a bit to get used to them, but we'll see. Well, that's about it!

Until Next Time!

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