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Dissidia NT: VI Characters I want as DLC

Updated: Mar 2, 2019

Dissidia_NT is, in more ways than one, plays the role of a game paying homage to the Final Fantasy legacy. With its release just looming around the corner, some of us Final Fantasy fans are just craving to have some iconic FF characters beat the snot out of another iconic FF character. But beyond that, Dissidia is not spared of the modern gaming trend: Downloadable Content! Or better known as DLC! So season 1 was already announced and it includes 6 new characters. Who are they? I have speculations, but I'll just have to wait. With this in mind, I have my own wants and needs for future addition in the Dissidia roster! Here they are:

  • Rikku would be my first obvious pick! If Terra wasn't in Dissidia already, I would have picked her first. Why Rikku? Aside from the fact that she is on my top tier favorite FF gals (big Final Fantasy X/X2 fan), I also think that she would be fun to play as. Quick, agile, full of gadgets to blow up her enemies, and not to mention, if they go the route of FFX-2, her thief Dressphere alone can utilize her dual-dagger-wielding skills and not to mention, she could have a myriad of things at her disposal with the Dressphere choices. Her interactions with Yuna and Tidus would be very nostalgic and welcome. #Rikku could also be so darn adorable mingling with older FF characters like Terra and the Warrior of light, and then my headcanon ship: Noctis! Tara Strong reprising her role would also do this character justice!

  • Yunalesca may be an odd choice, but she is a pretty important part of the FFX lore. She can come out as another spell caster and can use unorthodox means of striking attacks against her foes. Then as part of her stronger attacks, her other forms can be utilizied, which will definitely amp up her bad gal demanor! She could definitely be rival to Cloud of Darkness. And imagine the conversations she could have with Jecht!

  • Celes Chere would definitely be on my top tier pick along with Rikku. A badass and definitely full of nostalgia, I picture Celes as an in between character, using both magic and melee into the fray (definitely leaning more on the melee side, though). She would be one of those characters that would hit hard and defend well against magic. And we can side with both the yellow outfit and the caped green leotard oneI definitely want to see her interactions with familiar faces like Terra and Kefka!

  • General Leo would be in the pendulum between good and evil. I'd say, he could be revived and given the option of fighting for Chaos to redeem his lost honor. Definitley not fully 'evil' like some of the other antagonists, but then again, neither is Jecht. He could definitely be Celes' counterpart. He can hit hard with melee and defend well against magic. Imagine the priceless interaction he can have with Kefka!

  • Agrias Oaks adds another blonde hottie in my list of warriors of light! Not intentional, but yeah, I love blonde FF gal badasses, I suppose. Agrias would be a powerhouse. She can utilize some of her classic attacks like Stasis Sword, Lightning Stab, and Holy Explosion. Can't hurt if she shouts the quotes too! And I would definitley love to see her interact with first time Dissidia entry: Ramza! This character would be a ton of fun, for sure! Imagine her quote: "I said I'm on your side, is this really what you want?"

  • Gafgarion would be the perfect counterpart of Agrias! Dark Knight vs Holy Knight! Nothing else to say but this guy. He is a hound, and he will side with the Warriors of Chaos easily just to regain his life, power, and richness! Make him hit with attacks similar to Agrias and some few annoying one liners, and this is a perfect addition!

So that's my pick for my 6 Final Fantasy DLC characters. Sure some of them coming into the Dissidia realm is pretty slim to none, but if Square Enix really wanted to do some good fan service and put some obscure characters here and there, I think I have a good chance of seeing some of these gals and guys! But let's see where this goes! Still pretty excited with the roster we have now! So if you haven't preordered your copy, DO IT NOW!

Until Next Time!

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