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DuDs: Elsa and Terra graphic Tees

Updated: Feb 2, 2021

I had this kind of posts in my previous blog. "DuDs" will mostly cover some of the geekdom clothing that I purchase that are a bit more unique than what is sold to the masses. Online stores like Redbubble usually offer some pretty cool stuff that you don't find everywhere so here I am showing off what I just bought from them.

Frozen: Elsa

The first one will be none other than #Elsa from #Frozen. There are a ton of Elsa wear out there and VERY few of them are not official art and/or not something one has seen a thousand times before. What's even more scarce are Elsa wear for men.

Not only was I able to find an Elsa wear for mens at, but I was also able to hunt down a pretty unique design. It's not official art but it's definitely well done. The white silhouette goes really well with the black color of the shirt and Elsa is easily recognizable even if not a lot of her is drawn. The way it is drawn and the way it first with the shirt makes it quite unisex; not feminine at all and something I can wear. Though male or female, I definitely think this is well worth to any fan of Elsa.

Final Fantasy VI: Terra Branford

#Terra_Branford would be next and this is also another one I had to have. Final Fantasy VI despite what it has done for the Final Fantasy fans is not exactly exploding with merchandise. But once again I was able to find some good stuff on Redbubble. This wonderful and creative idea of fanart is inspired by the anime "Akira". Love how Terra is about to jump into her Magitek all Akira-like. I also like how the artist combined elements from Terra's Magitek Knight outfit and her Benevolent Maiden, mostly the green hair mixed in with that outfit. Again, this fanart is something I have never seen before and to put it in an apparel is definitely something I can appreciate and sport.


If one has never ventured into's gallery, now would be a perfect time. I've bought shirts there before and they are all designs that one cannot find anywhere, at least not to that kind of uniqueness. I adore these new shirts I bought and will definitely feel proud of my fandom as I wear them. Do yourself a favor, go to that site and find some cool things based on your fandom. Oh, they don't just do shirts or clothing, they also do posters, mugs, etc. Seriously, check them out.

Until Next Time!

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