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DuDs: FFXIV Enamel Pins (LEOREN)

I'm not sure if I can put this other this category, but since enamel pins usually are part of my style, I'd say they go other #DuDs. And what's this? #FFXIV merchandise? Darn right! LEOREN is an artist I came across from her Twitter account and charmed by the pins she was promoting, I came to this purchase.

Along with the pins, she also sent out these fantastic fan art prints of some prominent FFXIV characters. One of them I hold near and dear and for the sake of not wanting to spoil anything, I'll leave them unnamed. Though I'm sure it's quite easy to get their names these days anyways. But seriously, these artworks are great! As shown on the first picture, there also came a sticker and a bookmark(?).

The pins are, of course, the main attraction! I was enamored with the pins, the idea of them, and wanted them. Here is Yotsuyu and Tsukuyomi. Had to get Yotsuyu since I love that gal! And, of course, Tsukuyomi was a fantastic boss and quite a pain!

Y'shtola is a no brainer. Her Endwalker/Shadowalker outfit really is her stand out look but I just adored her in any of her outfit. She is just amazing and really wanted to get a pin of her--heck, right now, I'm really trying to find a tangible Y'shtola merchandise in my collection! Until that time comes, this pin will hold the line!

At the moment, I'm not sure where I'm going to put these. I tend to be around a hectic environment and I own a LOT of pins and some of them do go through rough times (I might start a pattern where I'm going to start posting about my enamel pins). I'll continue to think about it because these are awesome pins and I don't want anything to happen to them. Definitely happy to have them, for sure! LEOREN is a fantastic artist and I highly recommend looking at her gallery and her store! I'm sure something will tickle your fancy for sure--especially if you are a huge fan of FFXIV!

Until Next Time!

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