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E3 2018: Coverage I

I'll only cover games that I am obviously into, or might be interested because... well, just because. So here are some that have caught my attention:

I was never a fan of Kingdom Hearts. Something a bit unsettling with the amalgamation of Disney and Final Fantasy characters for me... even if I was a fan of both! But the introduction of #Frozen and #Elsa? Yeah, this is a must. Hoping that she is a playable character at some point or another. Idina Menzel and the rest seems to reprise their roles so that is always a good thing!

I didn't finish Devil May Cry 4 but I did beat DMC. I initially thought that his was the rebooted Dante, but guess it's Nero from DMC4.

I'm not sure how much I can get into this game. Depends what anime characters they put in it. But it's worth taking a glance at it since I am a casual Dragon Ball fan.

Another Samurai game in the horizon? I'm game. Don't know much about this other than the gameplay looks utterly amazing. Has Spider-Man meets (insert Ninja game in here).

While I am not a die hard fan of Dead or Alive, I do find myself wandering towards the game and play it for a little bit. Will this game pull me in to play it as much as I do Street Fighter? Probably not, but I do root for fighting games since the genre is one of the key elements that got me to game.


With all that said, these may not be the wow type of games. Maybe KH3 because of the announcement of Frozen, but for the most part, I just lightly glanced over the games that interested me. I already covered Elder Scrolls VI's teaser on a separate post, but all in all, let's see what tomorrow will bring from #E32018.

Until Next Time!

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