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E3 2018: Games That Grabbed My Attention!

As I mentioned in my E3 2018: Sony post, I will be delving into the games that really stood out to me. While I don't have a grand thing to say about each other, note that they are most definitely games that I am going to be looking forward to having in my possession. Games that I will probably be getting on day one!

Ghost of Tsushima has been in my sights for some time now! With the gameplay shown, it is definitely going to tickle everything in me that wants to be Japanese. Katanas? Ronin? YES! Cannot wait for this bad boy!

I remember this game from the first Playstation back in 1998. Gaming changed drastically from that time to now and so the remake of Resident Evil 2 is definitely something I welcome with open arms. The ambiance seems to have carried over from the original version and there are so much things about this that will make me want to play it during daylight! Cannot wait for this game!

I'm lukewarm with Kingdom Hearts 3, but I am entirely Frozen with Elsa's appearance in the game so for that, I'm buying it! I didn't finish the other two but I don't think I can invest too much with the story to care. But Elsa in a game? I'm in!

This game! The potential and the possible spectacular things that can come out of it! And what or who is the person Spider-Man is referring to at the end of this video? Can this game really be a linked universe game? Oh the joys of it all!

Until Next Time!

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