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E3 2018: Elder Scrolls VI

I'm going to try and cover as much of #E3 as I can. #Gaming is a big part of my life so suffice it to say, gaming events such as these will definitely be in my blog. Without further adieu, THE BIG ANNOUNCEMENT:

"VI" is a good number. On a different game genre, but #FFVI, anyone? But Here we are with a tease for #ElderScrollsVI! Now we aren't given much but I keep saying that the lone castle might be the Adamantine Tower? But said tower is really tall so unless the view we are given is really far away or REALLY high up, that might be a far fetched assumption. Hammerfell? I'm hoping for Elsweyr, but that's just me. But at any rate, I can't wait for more news about this! Probably won't get getting it for a while but I'm still going to wait as patiently as I can! Well, here's to more amazing games announced!

Until Next Time!

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