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Elder Scrolls Online: Trailers

This is one attracting badass Elf!

I am an #Elder_Scrolls fan, that much is obvious. I started playing the game during Oblivion and of course, I jumped into Skyrim. But my love for the game isn't just within the game. I love it for the lore--for what is outside the main game/s. While I didn't get heavy into that stuff until after my 4th play through of Skyrim (I know, I came late), when I dove into it, I DOVE into it snout first. Admittedly, a lot of that curiosity with the world building had something to do with a certain crossover (#Frozen_Skyrim).

So what does this have to do with Elder Scrolls Online and the trailers that came out--will come out? Am I going to play the game/s? Am I going to go all out Tamriel in an online community? Nah, don't think so. I think a game like Elder Scrolls is better played alone. Of course in the future when online gaming with a huge game like Elder Scrolls is more tangible (without MODS, of course. Ahem, Skyrim Together?), I might say something different. But I have been into the trailers for reasons of exploring lore and enjoying the CGI. That and Molag-Bal is the main Daedric Prince antagonist? Yeah, loving that.

The inclusion of things like Morrowind and Summerset only sparks interest for me because of the fact that these are the other provinces of Tamriel I wish to see and explore... albeit I'd love to see them in a bigger and far more fleshed out (and of course, buggier version! Joke!) version like an Elder Scrolled titled game. I have been opposing the Altmers since 2011, wouldn't it be nice to finally play in their home town? But doubtful. At least, not with the speculations and the TEASE pointing us fans towards High Rock and Hammerfell.

If ESO includes High Rock and/or Hammerfell, it might confuse me more as to where Elder Scrolls VI is going. Regardless, I just kind of wanted to touch base on a game that is a big part of my fandom. Bethesda, tell us something! I know you are in a bad place with the recent debacle of Fallout 76, but THE FANS WANT MORE ELDER SCROLLS!

Hopefully we get more some time soon!

Until Next Time!

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