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FFXIV: A'rlen Sirushi (Dragoon) I

Updated: Oct 12, 2021

I adore my Miqo'te! Do understand that this won't be the last time that she will be appearing on my blog! After all, this is a character sheet of three of her outfits--her main outfits that is. Well, here we go! Enjoy!

Dragoon (Crimson Dragoon)

The Lancer/Dragoon class is my main DPS job. I wanted the standard Dragoon armor in red for so long! Ever since I found out about the augmentation for it, I quested and labored to get it. When I finally did, well... I got an armor that's pretty much a keeper! With ruby red dye, it made it the perfect armor. It's always going to be my glam!

Spikes on the back! Every little thing counts to make A'rlen look menacing!

The extra details on this armor is just amazing. Also, the belly opening may be a bit impractical but it's definitely sexy!

The hints of silver definitely adds a good contrast. At first, however, the purple glowing orbs threw me off, but I grew to be fond of them.

There's also an option to lift the Dragon's 'snout' up. Shows off here cute face! It's like a not-battle-ready mode. Or maybe it's just a way for her to see better, right?

Throughout her adventures, A'rlen has used a myriad of spears. Right now, she's got the 'Longinus-Zetta' as her glam (the Zodiac Weapons are such a grind) and I might be keeping this one with the Red Dragoon for a while. They match thanks to the ruby red dye! I love it!

Action shots of my Crimson Dragon!

Rage vs Madness

So most likely through my time with #FFXIV I will have some changes with this outfit, mostly the spear, honestly. I can't picture myself changing anything else because I love this armor especially now that it has that RED that I need! Just super excited to share this one! Will be sharing her other Dragoon outfits as well as her other job outfits! So get ready to see more of A'rlen Sirushi!

Until Next Time!

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