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FFXIV: A'rlen Sirushi (Gunbreaker) I

My Miqo'te just went lioness on the baddies with her Gunbreaker job class! Also, this is the first job that is outside my normal DPS job. The Cutest #WoL is tanking, baby! Without further adieu, here is A'rlen as a Gunbreaker!

Lion Heart

This is the default lvl 60 Gunbreaker outfit; quite frankly, I adore it! The only thing that I really changed is that the 'headband' is not showing and the choker--which represents the House of Fortempts. Also, funny enough, this is the first NON-RED dominant outfit that I am showing off. Not sure if she'll have other GNB outfits but this one seems to be sticking for a bit. So with that said, But let's go ahead and take a look!

No beating around the bush. The Gunbreaker's default outfit is definitely giving homage to Squall Leonheart from FFVIII. Obviously, this outfit has a bit more flare to it with all the little 'bells and whistles', but the color scheme, the fact that the Hrothgars, a Lion race, are the ones who 'created' the Gunbreaking... it's very transparent that this is a homage to the FFVIII protagonist.

I also spy a Yuna "Gunner" half skirt, eh?

And while the outfit is definitely inspired by Squall's, there are many quirks that distinguishes it, and makes it more unique than Mr. Leonheart's. There are more pouches, designs here and there, and since this is for a female character, some thighs are exposed for some added sexiness. Though usage of multiple belts remain intact!

Some logo on the jacket and those boy shorts and chaps!

A hint of red from A'rlen's hair gives this a familiar shade with the WoL's usual scheme. Also, probably will change the earring at some point.

Yes, that's my Rosa minion!

Dominantly Squall's homage, but the Gunbreaker gives a nod to Lightning from FFXIII. After all, she is also a Gunbreaker as much as #Dissidia_NT tries to forget that fact. Guns are apparently banned in that realm (Gunner Yuna missing; though Songstress Yuna is appreciated).

One day I'm going to do a post about m favorite mounts, but here she is riding Fenrir. I know, I should be riding a Lion mount of some sort, right?


As of this moment, A'rlen's gunblade is not a Resistance weapon. She's holding a Augmented Scaevan Magitek Gunblade (I know a long one) that has an Augmented Shire Bayonet as a glam. It will probably change within the next few weeks and I'll do an update post.

My first Tank Job, and honestly, might be my only venture outside my usual DPS class. I like being a Tank, being one of the main reason/s that set the pace for the battle, however, I do love my Dragoon and my Machinist jobs more. Gunbreaker though feels close to my Dragoon rotations. I'll definitely keep A'rlen with this job and most likely will get updates on her outfits. Will for sure be posting that!

Until Next Time!

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