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FFXIV: A'rlen Sirushi (Red Mage) I

Yes! This Miqo'te can cast spells, believe it or not! Though she's definitely a full-blown mage, that's for sure. Being a Red Mage allows A'rlen to still be useful with a blade, but have some powerful spells to hit from afar. And with a job class, comes an outfit. Lets take a look at A'rlen as a Red Mage, shall we?

Red Mage

I'll be upfront: this is the 'vanilla' lvl 80 Red Mage outfit. I made very little to ZERO modifications on it. Personally, it looks good just the way it is! Compared to the level 70 and level 60 outfits, I definitely love the pure homage to the classic Red Mage of old--I also like the sexiness it brings with the unnecessary but much appreciated short skirt and the thigh high boots.

I love the feathered "pirate" hat! I love the designs that fits so well together with the way the entire outfit is--those cuffs, the frills, and just the rapier just goes all together quite nicely. Oh, did I mention that the red is quite robust and elegant?

The backside doesn't get shortage of unique designs either. I love the short and on sided 'cape'. I also like the dangling chain design that goes along with it.

Short skirt, because.

Again, that chain and that one sided shoulder pad with the hanging cape! It's a nice touch.

At the moment, like most of my outfits, A'rlen's Red Mage is using the Bozja weapon, the Law's Order Rapier. I will definitely aim to get the next phase of this weapon for sure! Need a glowing magical weapon for a Red Mage!

I can't say that being a Red Mage is where A'rlen shines. Casting requires standing still at times and I'm usually a Dragoon/Machinist--DPS classes that requires a LOT of moving around. Trying to stand still and cast spells is a bit cumbersome at times so there are moments when I depend a lot on her rapier skills. Also, the thought of being depended on to resurrect... a bit stressful! Not a healer! Not at all!

And this is Red Mage A'rlen riding Typhon Mount (Yes! That Typhon from the legendary Final Fantasy VI!). I love this shot though! She looks so happy as Typhon is about to unleash chaos... though we all know, other than the Chocobo, the mounts do not fight. Sadly. Wouldn't that be awesome?

So I can't say that Red Mage is my go-to job. In fact, until recently, it's hardly used after finishing the lvl 70 job quest. But I started giving it more attention and not to mention, I could use it in Bojza to revive if I absolutely have to. But again, not much of a caster so if anything else it is aesthetically pleasing. I'm not sure what lvl 90 Red Mage is going to look like, but it's more than positive that this is a main stay. For now. Other than that, A'rlen still looks rather dashing.

Until Next Time!

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