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Final Fantasy Dissidia NT: NOT the Final Fight

Updated: Mar 2, 2019

Dissidia NT is here! Oh man! Got this yesterday and I meant to post it, but I got so hooked right away that I wasn't able to do much in terms of blogging, writing, or photoshoots. I might have to force myself to stop to get some of those things done! Loving the heck out of this so far! I'll probably go in depth a little later, but right now, let me just get hooked into some Final Fantasy Fight!

Still learning the mechanics, but can't say I've done much exploring than sticking with Terra. How can I not? Until the put Rikku in here as a DLC, Terra is going to be my go-to-girl!

Well, having tons of fun with this game! Might be putting down SFV and Monster Hunter World for a little bit! Either that or I find some time.

Until Next Time!

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