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Final Fantasy: FF14xFF(6 & 10)

I came across Autobalance's video and couldn't help but get into the video series that he has! Basically, they're a series pointing out all the references within FFXIV from other Final Fantasies. And while I have come across and recognized a lot of them, this series definitely pointed out a few. It's a heartwarming thing and I do like the idea of this series for sure!

The bosses, the mounts, and the music! KEFKA! Triad! I appreciate what FFXIV placed in terms of homages! FFVI definitely deserves some love for modern-day gamers.

A lot of love is also given to FFX. Same, more or less, as FFVI's homages with the mount, music, and the such. Though some of Shadowbringer's locations are named after Ronsos.

Will definitely watch the others and I may just leave it be. But for now, definitely enjoy the love given to two of the best Final Fantasies to date!

Until Next Time!

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