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Final Fantasy VII R: Tokyo Game Show 19

There's a lot to take in with this 3rd trailer so I want to jump right into it! I'm so excited that getting his written down is full of exuberance! So, without further adieu, let's get right into it!

Just so we're clear, this is not the final product according to Square Enix. This thing is still in development and they are doing the last few tidbits to get the game going, but if that's the case, this thing looks damn good! Of course, the game starts off with the train scene; where the adventure of the FFVII truly begins.


Character Revelations

A whole lot of Shinra, and that's not a bad thing at all! There are still more to be shown but the ones given to us are an absolute treat! Here we go!


Shinra was definitely the show stealer here. It was already mentioned prior to Tokyo Game Show that Shinra will be prominent be shown and they sure are. President Shinra, while not really making an appearance other than his holographic form, he makes it well known to the three main: Cloud, Tifa, and Barret, that he has a grand plan for everything--or at least, for Avalanche. He also mentioned Wutai, and if my memory serves me right, during Yuffie's solo mission, her father mentioned that their country fell because of the war with Shinra. This might not seem like much, but I'm glad that they really hinted at that and possibly, we'll be getting something about that Turk that is in the basement of Shinra Mansion.


Fan favorite Reno is definitely a big time reveal! Out of all the Turks, he gets the most love and I do see why. He is a pretty fun character and while he was mostly 'tone down' as an anti-hero during FFVII AC, I like how they are reviving his antagonist side. He was, after all, one of the corner stone bosses in the original Final Fantasy VII. It looks like in this game, they are also not dumbing the fact that he is going to pose as a challenge.

Reno also got plenty of time in this final trailer. We got to see some of his gameplay and his first boss fight against Cloud. Looks like his baton is going to have a projectile based attack, something I don't remember him having in the original game. He is also portrayed to be a rival against Cloud and I'm really interested to see how this is going to play out since there's no way that Reno can always keep Cloud on his toes since Cloud is sort-of a SOLDIER. But we'll see! I'm also curious to see how they are going to play his (and the other Turks') part during the Wutai mission.


Rude is the other half of the dynamic duo Turk. While he's not the glamorous obnoxious one of the two, Rude is not without his signature traits.The ear piercings, the glasses, that awesome shaved head and goatee! It's Rude to the core! It would be rude not to talk about the one scene we were allowed to see of Rude using his signature throw on Aerith using Cloud! It really seems like the Turks are going to get their moment to shine; both seemingly having their moments of being mid-bosses and will be giving the crew a hard time. Cloud is definitely the jobber in these trailers, I swear!


Tseng doesn't get as much screen time and that's a shame. He was also shafted during FFVII AC... him and Elena. Hey, at least he gets a scene and his VA gets heard. I can't wait to see Elena!


Oh man, the appearance of this guy just abates a lot of worries. As we all know, censorship is kind of a thing right now and Don Corneo's scenes has a LOT of pretty "out there" stuff. Well, here he is in all his glory. Hoping that with this, certain other elements appear (more on that later). And... speculation is on a rampage that Mark Hamill is voicing him. SOUNDS A LOT like him too. No confirmation as of this date.

I'm sure before the game comes out we'll have a few more revelations. There's still Elena, Hojo, and Red XIII just to name a few! And then there's always the chance to see more new characters. Can't wait to see who else might be revealed and how big their roles are!


Summon Revelations

Until Tokyo Game Show 2019, we've been in the dark with Summons. Sure we knew they were coming and through special preorders, the revelation of NEW summons are confirmed. But We have to really get a glimpse of them. Well, that changed by a huge margin! Also, Summons add something different to the battle; something I will share later.


This Summon is one of the classics and to see him remade through the lens of the FFVII R aesthetics is something to gawk over. He is, by all means, a fiery spirit that can truly cause some SERIOUS damage. Just look at him! Makes me wonder if he will have dialogue like some other iterations of him? I'm going to take a wild guess that he's going to have a lot of growling and roaring. Just a wild guess.

And we can all 100% expect his signature move: HELLFIRE makes a return in HD Remake fashion. Some poor soul is going to get burned!


The Ice Goddess has always been breathtaking no through and through. Whether she is just a classic Pixel or a very seducingly attractive kind, Shiva is one of my favorite summons. Being one of the classic summons that has helped past adventurers, she is obviously a no-brainer in terms of being included and one of the first to be revealed! Some of the things that really stand out, other than the fact that it's FFVII Shiva in HD is the subtraction of the pink swimsuit that she was wearing. Honestly, what they replaced her old clothing with is nothing short of spectacular and fitting. Shiva, after her FFVII appearance, had had some pretty amazing look--even the ugly FFIX managed to make the Ice Goddess look enticing. I'm glad FFVII R decided to capitalize on that and she looks a lot like her former FFVII appearance but sprinkled with other versions of her.

Diamond Dust is most definitely going to be as beautiful as it is going to be devastating. Definitely looking forward to see Shiva grace us with the ever so classic signature move of hers.

I'm curious to see who else will be added in early. Ramuh is a classic summon. As is Titan. With three Bahamuts in the original Final Fantasy VII, there's a chance we might even see Bahamut. And then there's the new summons that are going to be added in. Also, I'm wondering if prominent summons like Shiva and Ifrit will have a sidequest/story to acquire them or are they going to be picked up and then that's it? Guess we'll just have to see in March!


Jessie, Biggs, & Wedge

I want to talk about the Avalanche members that were actually first few characters we met; long before we even interacted with the main stays like Tifa and Red XIII. These three, while definitely lacking some screen time, still had an impact--small impact--but an impact nonetheless. With FFVII R episode I focusing on Midgar, it's pretty apparent that these three rare going to get some fleshing out.

Their original fate was definitely a sad one. Being the first original crew that were assembled along side Barrett, to see them die for the cause... and seemingly die in vain, is hear wrenching in more ways than one. Now if the remake delivers as it seems like it will on Jessie, Biggs, and Wedge's character development, their fate (though might be altered for the remake a bit), will definitely hit harder. Though part of me wanted to get some moments where they are playable characters, even if for a moment, but it doesn't seem like that's going to be the case. They are NPCs with a lot of screen time, dialogue, and heart.

Part of me really believes that they are going to hit the mark with these three... and Jessie is already getting quite the buzz within some of the community I am hanging around in. Here's to a tear jerking moments at the end of episode I!


The Ones Getting in the way

I know I haven't really spent any time with the grunts and the "random encounters" and/or the mid bosses. Believe me they are rather impressive. They are going to add some spice in an already exciting game. Of course we'll be enchanting the likes of the Turks, SOLDIER, Shinra grunts, monsters, and apparently, Sephiroth. We'll see what else and who else will be revived into HD remake from the original.


The Battle is On

The fans of the original Final Fantasy VII definitely grew up (duh) and some/most either had grown apart from the turn base gameplay, and/or abandoned it all together. But there are still those who are in love with the classic feel... so how does Final Fantasy VII Remake? From the gameplay demos, it seems that it's an amalgamation of classic turn base and action RPG. I can't truly can'tsay that I have a full grasp of the gameplay... and with what is still behind the curtains, I'm sure there's still a ton more just in Episode I alone that still hasn't seen the light of day. Still, it looks pretty interesting.

Magic spells are not shy of reappearance, well, at least, toad is confirmed. Each character seems to bring something different on the table. Cloud and Tifa will hit hard and fast up close while we have Aerith and Barret hitting from afar with spells and a barrage of bullets. Summons are there to help tip the balance of the battle and then there's limit breaks that hasn't had much attention. We've seen Cross-Slash, but I don't fully grasp it all so it's one of those things that I just have to wait. Though as of right now, the combat system seems VERY fun and promising.



The task to acquire Cloud's cross dressing items seems to be intact. The squatting side game is back and with this just being Episode I, FFVII fans can only clamor and hope at the return of the other fun games!

Tifa? Pull ups?! I'm down. Or Up! Just like the squat, it's all button sequence like quick-time-events.

There are other gameplay gimmicks outside combat. Platforming and other side games are for sure going to be revealed as we get closer and closer to the game's release.


The Familiar Moments

While Final Fantasy VII Remake is taking the liberty of changing more than a hand full of a few things, there are still some familiar events that are going to hit the nostalgic feels. So just going to go through some of the ones that were revealed in the Tokyo game Show trailer.

Aerith getting kidnapped by the Turks, which of course, pushes Cloud, Tifa, and Barret to infiltrate the Shinra Headquarters, which, of course, leads to encountering Hojo, Red XIII, Rufus, and President Shinra in the flesh. In the original, it's the first time we see Masamune and the first hint of Sephiroth.

Cloud, you should not look bored one bit!

You've got Aerith and Tifa on your side! Now it's a long time debate about Zack & Aerith and Cloud & Tifa.... but come on! Long before Crisis Core, it was a love triangle with an ambiguous definitive answer as to WHO Cloud truly loved more.

Now, with all of that.... kind of hard to pick when Aerith comes strolling in looking like that for the Don Corneo moment. Though... how does Tifa look all prepped up?

Then there's that moment. Sector 7 plate collapsing on the slums below. I'll leave it at that.


Here are some videos that is worth checking out for the sake of analysis and just the raw, unedited Tokyo Gameshow sequence that is all about Final Fantasy VII Remake.

Raw and unedited cut. Definitely shows the gameplay and the summons. Also highlight the option to switch between classic and modern gameplay.

TheNightSkyPrince is definitely a vlogger one of the Final Fantasy fandom I follow fervently. Apparently he mentions Odin and honestly, I thought the same thing for a moment.


In Conclusion

I'm excited. I can't wait. Now it's not secret that Final Fantasy VI and Final Fantasy X/X2 is my top two Final Fantasy, Final Fantasy VII is pretty high on the list--among my Top Five. The Remake of FFVII gives me chill because not only are we potentially about to get one of the best games of 2020 and beyond, the hope of remakes for the likes of Final Fantasy VI and Chrono Trigger isn't a far away dream. I hope. With that said, I'm sure there will be MORE updates coming. In the mean time, this is my highlight of TGS 2019's FFVII Remake trailer. Can't wait to see more revelation! But in the mean time, that's about it!

Until Next Time!

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