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State of Play 2023: FFVII Rebirth (Release Date)

Updated: Sep 16, 2023

Well now! This came out of nowhere! So some key things to take away:

Now, who are you?

  • More Tifa... Maybe that moment?

  • I need to play integrade...

  • Vincent Valentine?

  • Caith Sith?

  • Midgar Zolom?!

  • SUPER open zones for Cloud and the crew to explore?

  • Odin... Kjata... ALEXANDER?!

  • Zack.......?

  • FEB 29, 2024?!

These three....!

YEAH, WE ARE IN FOR A GOOD START OF 2024 IT SEEMS. At any rate, do watch that video! There are plenty to really like for anyone who isn't a purist. I can't wait.

Until Next Time!

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