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Funko POP: Chun Li Variant (Review)

Updated: Mar 2, 2019

Kicking her way to the POP line up, here we have Chun Li(exclusive version)! And yes, this is an exclusice and not her standard blue uniform. With that said, let's take a look at the Strongest Woman in the World's glory in her #POP version.

Seeing how Chun Li originated from the popular Street Fighting video game, this "POP" is part of their Games series.

Series 1 does include a handful of familiar SF characters (and then there's Dan). Ryu, Ken, and most definetly Cammy will eventually make their way to my collection (thinking of getting the variants of Ryu and Ken). Somewhere in the fray of POPs, there is also Akuma! He is a must. I just hope Juri, Menat, SFV Karin and SFV Sakura are on their way!

Since the POP line started getting out of the vanilla pose of just 'standing there', I am pretty surprised that they didn't choose to have a Chun Li POP posing with one leg up to pay homage to her signature moves of using her kicks. Instead they went with this neutral but fitting pose for the femme fatale of #Street_Fighter.

I chose this variant Chun Li is because I already have a couple of 'traditional' Chun Li figures in my collection. So just to change things up, I decided on this one. I'm pleased with the color combination, so that's a good thing. Also, a standard thing that POP should be doing is having stands; it helps balance their gargantuan heads!

At the end of the day, I do appreciate this little addition to my POP line ups. Funko might have missed the mark of giving the character its unique and recognizable pose, but they didn't miss the mark that much since Chun Li does use this gesture. Any fan of Chun Li and/or Street Fighter would appreciate having this lovely POP in their collection. Again, she comes with the standard version and this exclsuive version, so pick your poison!

Until next time!

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