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Funko POP: Elsa (Some Things Never Change)

Updated: Feb 2, 2021

As the days draw closer to #Frozen2, here we have another #Funko #POP of the wonderful Snow Queen herself, Elsa. So, with my 4th collection of Elsa, let's just jump right in!

A HotTopic exclusive! Truth to be told, at first, I wasn't as excited for this one. I knew I was going to buy it eventually, but I didn't gravitate towards it like crazy. However, my excitement for it grew the moment I saw it in my local Hot Topic. Looks good and it's definitely another fitting color for Elsa. Why is my title for this #POP that? Well, I honestly believe it's going to be the song that she will be singing while she is wearing this dress. Yes, I am nicknaming all of these POPs based on songs that I think will be sung while wearing said dress.

We've already established that I'm getting all of the Elsa variants. Let's move on.

Again, I wasn't as excited with this variant in the beginning but when I finally spotted her in the wild, I was absolutely enticed--Elsa has that charm for me, I guess. So this particular outfit is definitely fitting for Elsa as a queen. It's formal and very fancy. Though "fancy", it still very simple--the intricacy are small in detail, but said intricacy does stand out enough to make it intriguing. The thing about this dress that makes it 'unique' to me is that it's a lighter purple--lavender like with darker tints that fade into her lower dress and her cuffs. It's almost as if Elsa's light blue "Snow Queen" look and the purple/burgundy of her "Into the Unknown" fused and turned into this dress. Truly, I honestly like it. Seeing it in movement and in the movie will definitely bring the finer details that a #POP obviously can't give...though, again, POPs do a good job catching most of the details despite.

The posture is nothing grand or too dynamic, but it is very Elsa. I'm not complaining one bit since it does look good.

It's a great color for Elsa and #Funko did a fantastic job replicating it. As I mentioned, the fading from light to dark adds depth to her dress. The finer details, like her snowflake designs and the such is all present so I'm impressed.

Here's this Elsa next to the Coronation Elsa.

And here are all four of my Frozen 2 Elsa POPs (one more variant coming). Yes, my Elsa POP collection GREW astronomically thanks to the sequel!

All in all, I do think this is a wonderful POP. Again, wasn't excited for it at first, but I really grew to love it! Good small details, fitting pose, and well executed coloring; not much else I can ask from a POP. Well, that's about it!

Until Next Time!

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