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Funko POP: Ghost Panther

Updated: Jul 31, 2023

Ghost Panther? An amalgamation of Ghost Rider and Black Panther.... get it? I didn't read the run with "Infinity Warps" but some of the designs from the Marvel to Marvel character amalgamations are quite great. Regardless, let's take a look at this #POP and see how this turned out, eh?

Again, these Infinity Warps have some good designs. I definitely want a couple more of these if I can find them for a good price. This was also an "Insider Club", which I don't know what this means. There is a 'common' version of Ghost Panther but this version is the better one from what I saw when I was hunting for some addition to my collection.

Yeah, the promo shots do look for sure. I love this look and so far, from this angle, it looks good as a POP.

I already talked about Ghost Panther's design. Then again, MOST of Ghost Rider's versions usually look good. Well, MOST of them. There have been some losers in my eyes. But this combo of Black Panther and Ghost Rider isn't too far from the usual Spirit of Vengeance of shtick. The skull is definitely different, more in line with a panther skull, I suppose. But the leather outfit, with mild Wakanda decorations around the neck. The sculpt is right on for sure, simple, but definitely fitting and in line with his comic book counterpart. The pose is also quite nice, definitely nothing dynamic but it's still very Ghost Rider-like, flaming chain and all. I do like the work on the skull though! The transparent plastic that signifies flames coming out of his eyes, the details on the skull, the flaming head--just well done!

Even better shot!

Ghost Rider's main sell is the flaming skull contrasting the black leather (and the awesome rides that he has, of course). It's done right on this POP version and I'm happy about it. The chain might have benefited by getting the transparent orange plastic, but I'm not at all complaining about it. It's a good contrast of black and the bright colors with the skull and flames definitely worked!

Here's a close-up of his face.

And she doesn't ride a motorcycle or a car, by the way. Ghost Panther has a freakin' demonic panther. Wonder how this would look as a POP? Rider series for sure.

It's a good POP. When I saw it on the shelf, I immediately went for it like I was enamored by the penance stare or something. I highly recommend this one and definitely go for the "Funko Insider Club" version. It's definitely got more for the buck!

Until Next Time!

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