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Funko POP: Sombra (Hot Topic Exclusive)

Updated: Mar 8, 2019

Exclusive Sombra!

Here we are with another addition of #POP! Featuring POP Sombra from the popular Overwatch game! I don't know much about the game; I suppose I get the grand idea, but little details, I do not. I've watched videos here and there; I love the Widowmaker and Sombra videos the best. One thing I have to say is that the character designs really appeal to me; and no, not just the females, but just overall. So I was compelled to start my Overwatch hunt with a POP Sombra! Let's check her out!

Another Hot Topic exclusive. Finding exclusives at Hot Topic is fun because I never know what they have that is mainly theirs until I see that nifty little sticker. After purchasing this, I found the standard version of Sombra in another store and found myself wanting to get the normal version since it does have all of Sombra's neat coloring. I decided to just keep my variant version since I can almost guess that a #Figma version of Sombra would be coming out.

I have a feeling that I'll have some of these in my possession. I don't see a D Va POP, but I do like her design and idea. There's also a Widowmaker POP out there somewhere and I'm sure that's part of the first wave.

Again, the character designs for Overwatch is pretty cool. Blizzard is known for their appealing character designs and one thing that is helpful is that their female characters have the sexuality and the unique designs that aren't overly exposing but compelling enough. While we can't see Sombra's full costume due to the transparent nature (this is based on her stealth skill; she's a hacker of some sort that stays in the background of a fight rather than go head first), we can still see enough of the sculpting to know that the original version of this POP does have some care placed into her.

Sombra's hair design isn't symmetrical and it shows in her POP form. It's a shame that the paint on her 'shaved' side isn't as clean as it could be, but still, it does the job and I can't complain too much. The fact that Funko does an amazing job with most of their POPs is enough for me to forgive tiny missed lines here and there.

I can't comment too much on paint since most of her colors are drowned by her transparent form. The translucent purple is done well and aside from small missed lines as I mentioned, it's pretty clean. Her posture shows her hacking into something nonchalantly as she holds her uzi ready. From what I have seen in videos, this POP does show a fragment of her sass with this kind of pose.

All in all, it's POP Sombra is pretty neat. This isn't going to be my last Overwatch POP, so rest assured the hunt for some Overwatch ladies goes on. For anyone looking to find this version, Hot Topic has it in store; can't find it online, but I think I'd enjoy the normal version more, but hey, exclusives come with their own unique traits so I don't think this is a bad choice overall. With that said, that's all I have for this POP for now.

Until Next Time!

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