• Onyx

Funko POP: Spider-Woman (NYCC 2018 Exclusive)

Updated: Feb 9, 2021

I have been waiting for a Spider-Woman #POP for a long time. I often wondered why other characters have gotten the POP love before Ms. Jessica Drew and for a bit I was a little frustrated but as I have seen POP's evolution through the years, I'm glad they waited. Why is that? Well, let's just get on to the review.

It was an exclusive for the New York Comicon 2018. Again, as big of a nerd I am, I can't seem to make it to any of these conventions. Luckily for me, Entertainment Earth made it available at the DAY of the convention when this lovely POP was being sold so I jumped on board and bought two! Yes, I have two. One mint in the box and one to open for display. And if it's not obvious just how much of a fan I am of Spider-Woman, then I don't now how else to convey that. I've always loved her design, the simple but very alluring way her costume just sticks out. I've always loved how she is so similar to one of my favorite Marvel Superheroes (Spider-Man, duh), but still so different that she can basically be her own thing without being hampered too much by her male counterpart. Though sadly, she didn't launch as successful as the Peter Parker, but still. Always loved her and I always jump the gun to get any merchandise of her that is reasonable or I can afford.

I have Gwenpool and Spider-Gwen from this series; funny enough, Jessica Drew is not part of this set. I wish they just gave her an exclusive cover art in the back. I mean, she deserves it.