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Gaming: 2022 & Beyond

Well this year is coming and going fast. And thanks to my schedule, I literally almost missed posting about the VGA 2021. As usual, I'm going to go over game that caught my attention and will most likely play--or at the very least interested at. I'm not going to go over the awards because who won or didn't because that ultimately doesn't matter. But with that said I do want to point out these two awards:

FFXIV won two awards!

Best community support is just about right. This unit of Square Enix makes it a point to treat their community will love, respect, and care. They deserve this.

They also deserve this. A game a decade old game and I'm a late comer, I know. It's great, it's respectful, and it's definitely not ending any time soon. Least, I hope not. Here's to MANY more years!

Elden Ring

I'm already sold on this. As a spiritual successor (another one) of the Souls series. I'm not sure I'm going to play this right away on release, but I do know I'm going dig into this for sure! There was already a gameplay beta release prior but the thing trailer for the lore is something I can dig.

Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League

Also looks interesting. Not sure if I'll jump in but it looks fun. Need alternate outfits though since that Harley look ain't gonna do it. Voiced by Tara Strong though.


There is a lot going on with this game. The main character has a LOT of tools to use and a lot of things to contend against. What I thought was initially a new Final Fantasy, this new IP for Square has promise. Will keep an eye on it for sure.

Wonder Woman

This game shocked the entire gaming community and the comic book fans. Never thought a Wonder Woman game would actually be coming this 'soon' but it does make sense. Nothing major--just a cinematic trailer. The company responsible on making this has a good reputation so we'll keep an eye out and see where it goes.


There were definitely more games shown but, again, these are the ones I'm going to keep my sights on. 2022 has some line ups to play and not to mention since I got my PS5, there are other games I need to catch up on. And I'm still playing FFXIV so there's that. With that said, here's too a fruitful and fun gaming year! Looking forward to what comes out!

Until Next Time!

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