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Kaitlin's Front Page: &#AI*@(!

Updated: Jun 2

So I've been trying to find ways to alter and make the old '90s clips we have of Kaitlin's Front Page into a cleaner HD version of itself. And while I'm not going to say that I'm the biggest fan of AI Art, I will say there are times when it produces some intriguing things. So why not use it for Kaitlin's Front Page, right? Well, this is what this post is all about. Be prepared for some off-the-wall and uncanny valley stuff. Let's get to it! Kaitlin, be a dear and let AI do its magic on you, yeah?

I'd say that the one above is probably one of the best AI renditions to adhere to what is happening to Kaitlin during this scene. I just hate the fact that the eyes are uneven.

Now the look above is your typical AI aesthetics. Looks detailed at first glance but the moment someone looks at it, one can see the flaws and the nonsensical shenanigans that happen within AI art.

Here's a magical girl VR Trooper - Kaitlin Star. Is she tied up to a bomb and managed to trooper-transform makeup? Again, another odd shenanigans with AI art.

This particular AI tool seems to portray Kaitlin quite... differently. None of them looks like Sarah Joy Brown, eh?

The 'style' of this AI art is better. It still definitely has that odd placement of ropes. Also, AI has a hard time replicating Kaitlin's outfit.

AND a ps2 Kaitlin. Couldn't they at least add the ropes and gag with this one? But the PS2 render graphics look a lot like Sarah Joy Brown, right? There are some amazing things that AI can do but.... still rather dubious and for the most part, unable to give it credit.

Again, it's a weird thing for me to put on the blog. I won't entertain this notion too much since it is AI. But hey, if we ever get super advanced and we can modify the scene without it looking too much into uncanny value I'm all for it. We'll see.

Until Next Time!

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