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Kenner: Spider-Woman

Updated: Apr 6, 2023

Now, this is different! Well, not so much but it is a brand I don't have in my collection at all. But here we are! With another Spider-Woman action figure! Let's check her out, shall we?

It's a pretty simple package. Now, Kenner is something not familiar to me but they used to be one of the hitters. They're not Hasbro, so to me, I don't have any need to collect them--BUT, there's a Spider-Woman figurine so good enough for me. And I'll say it right now, the box and the art are what caught my eye! Reminiscent of the cover for Spider-Woman's first solo comic book run. I'm a sucker for that pose and the overall look just has a classic comic-book vibe! Definitely, something I'm going to keep in the box (after I review the figurine, of course).

One thing about this figurine is that she is a pain in the butt to stand! The profile pics are all out of luck and even then her feet are not squared. Regardless, I got pics! So let's talk about the figurine! Needless to say, it's a very basic, non-detailed, simple, and limited articulation. Arms move in a 360, with no elbow joints, and swivel on the forearms. Legs go forward and back, no knee joints, and a swivel on the calves--and no ankle pivot. Definitely, the reason why she doesn't stand so well.

Details aren't grand but one can tell it's Jessica Drew. Some of the proportions are off like the hands, feet, and head-- the body is stiff (and no, not just the articulation), and the web pits look like Unlimited Spider-Man's cape. I can appreciate the position of her hair though! Reminiscent of her Spider-Woman #1 hair.

Colors aren't something that is going to take off or win anyone. It's pretty bright and it represents the vibrancy of her early comic book counterpart. Definitely not detailed but very accurate. I like it for what it is.

Here is Kenner Spider-Woman next to Mini-Mates Spider-Woman and Hasbro 3.75 Spider-Woman. An unproportioned representation of Jess, eh?

And most definitely keeping her inside the box for the sake of design. All in all, it's not a must but for someone who adores Spider-Woman, it's a worthy catch. Going to be hanging on my wall like this Toybiz Spider-Woman! All in all, I'm happy! She's decent got a price, is accurate, has nice packaging, and it's Original Spider-Woman Jessica Drew. What more can I ask for?

Until Next Time!

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