• Onyx

Marvel Legends Apocalypse BAF: Magneto (modern)

Updated: Aug 29, 2018


The Master of Magnetism enters the fray with a brand new Marvel Legends! Representing his current look and definitely stepping away form his past purple and red costume, Magneto has gone through some changes in how he looks and has gone through a handful of action figure form. Let's see how #Hasbro faired with this latest plastic iteration of Erik.

Magneto has been a long standing character in the X-Men mythos. For the longest time, he was the X-Mens' main villain, but through the course of time, through story lines, and a change of perspective (both in the readers' and the character's own development), he has played the role of an ally as well. He has shown the capability of obliterating the X-Men more than once, but also, just as much times, he has been in the losing end whether it be on his time as a villain or as a hero. Me personally, I've been a casual fan of him. I understand and appreciate his role in the grand scheme of the X-Men lore, but I honestly think some of his main drawbacks are the times when he was trying to be a hero, or considered as one. This is the same guy that ripped the adamantium off of Wolverine, had caused schemes for total annihilation of the human race... but at the same time, this is a man who has had his family taken from him due to prejudice and humanity's cruel history. I can't blame him completely for his reasons of wanting to take humanity out of the equation.

He is the master of magnetism, so it's kind of hard to represent his costume in a way that makes sense to his role. But that iconic helmet has been stuck for a long time so I suppose that's his main signature. Promo shot of his magnetic hands are pretty good.

Two pair of hands, two alternate heads, special effects, and a BAF piece--I think this should be standard of what a Marvel Legends should come these days.