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Marvel Legends Apocalypse BAF: Magneto (modern)

Updated: Aug 29, 2018


The Master of Magnetism enters the fray with a brand new Marvel Legends! Representing his current look and definitely stepping away form his past purple and red costume, Magneto has gone through some changes in how he looks and has gone through a handful of action figure form. Let's see how #Hasbro faired with this latest plastic iteration of Erik.

Magneto has been a long standing character in the X-Men mythos. For the longest time, he was the X-Mens' main villain, but through the course of time, through story lines, and a change of perspective (both in the readers' and the character's own development), he has played the role of an ally as well. He has shown the capability of obliterating the X-Men more than once, but also, just as much times, he has been in the losing end whether it be on his time as a villain or as a hero. Me personally, I've been a casual fan of him. I understand and appreciate his role in the grand scheme of the X-Men lore, but I honestly think some of his main drawbacks are the times when he was trying to be a hero, or considered as one. This is the same guy that ripped the adamantium off of Wolverine, had caused schemes for total annihilation of the human race... but at the same time, this is a man who has had his family taken from him due to prejudice and humanity's cruel history. I can't blame him completely for his reasons of wanting to take humanity out of the equation.

He is the master of magnetism, so it's kind of hard to represent his costume in a way that makes sense to his role. But that iconic helmet has been stuck for a long time so I suppose that's his main signature. Promo shot of his magnetic hands are pretty good.

Two pair of hands, two alternate heads, special effects, and a BAF piece--I think this should be standard of what a Marvel Legends should come these days.

There are a few new things that came with this Marvel Legends Magneto that I really like. For one, I like the new cape/shoulder pads that are provided. It is unique to Magneto and I'm not sure if they are able to recycle it with another character, but good to have it for a possible recycle. The cape is posed in a way where it will really work with some floating positions; it's not so dynamic but it's also not neutral so someone can really get some believable pictures. The gauntlets, I believe, are new as well and they look pretty good. Boots also look like a new mold so sculpt wise, there are plenty to appreciate. I don't recognize the body but I feel as if it's used before. I've always pictured Magneto as a non muscular character, but comic books usually portray all male characters fit and muscular beyond expectations so it works out (or he works out, should I say).

Color combination is always nice. Red and black are my favorite colors so to see it on any character is never a bad thing. There's not much paint details to Erik, but just like previous Marvel Legends, it's the combination of colored plastic that does a good enough job. I also like the black and red cape--that is more character design but the execution of Hasbro's part is something to compliment.

Most of the paint details go to Magneto's face/s. There is blue shading on his white hair though I'm not a fan of the helmet less swap out. Looks... inorganic.

And while the helmet look is the one I prefer out of the two, it looks oddly too big for his body. Also, the paint isn't as clean on the red. If it was executed better I most definitely think the big head would be passable.

As a character that can control the magnetic forces around him, agility and battle prowess isn't as necessary. With that said, dynamic poses isn't as required so in the articulation department, since we get standard articulation, I think it's a good enough deal. Magneto got an Amazing Yamaguchi treatment, which, I honestly don't understand why. He doesn't need crazy articulation. As long as we get some energy based accessory, alternate hands, and head swap outs, we're good. I guess the one thing I can say they need is flight stand to come with the figure.

Standard articulation, a safe number of accessory, mostly clean paint, and a good looking costume on a classic character--the verdict for the new Marvel Legends of Magneto varies with people. It all depends how much someone likes the character, the new look, and how the figure was executed. For me, I'm neither impressed or underwhelmed; I just think it's a basic figure. He comes in a good wave so that part is a plus for Erik. I needed a new Magneto action figure, but I wasn't really desperately asking for one.

Until Next Time!

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