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Marvel Legends: Deadpool Wave 2 (News)

Updated: Mar 2, 2019

We haven't even gotten the first wave completely, and here we are with Wave 2 news! Courtesy of Marvelousnews and ShartimusPrime, some promotional shots of the next Marvel Legends are teased. I'll show the two I'm interested in.

Omega Red hasn't seen the light of day in popularity. He'd make for a good Japanese series villain though! Okay, without that joke, we haven't seen Omega Red since the Sentinel BAF wave! ShartimusPrime did bring up a good point about this Marvel Legends missing those bendy-wire tentacles. Shame if that's the case.

Lady Deadpool is pretty absurd in more ways than one. Genderbend is a must these days in comic books and Deadpool was destined to get a female version of him. Not sure how interested I am of this gal, but she looks cool.

There is another one shown, the X-Man Deadpool. Depending on how interesting this wave is, I might end up having him and then some. Let's just see where we are at. Can't wait to see who is coming in my collection! Well, that's it for now!

Until Next Time!

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