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Marvel Legends Sasquatch BAF: Cable

Updated: Mar 8, 2019

This is my first Marvel Legends Cable ever. While I can honestly say that I love the concept of Cable, I don't think he has been handled well over his years of publication. He has always been the son of Scott and Jean Grey Summers, but he has also been made into future Wolverine, he has been tossed around in a plethora of comic books and he hasn't been a stand alone character in years. Still, when put into action figure form, his aesthetics gives him an edge. Does this figure do that? Let's find out.

One thing to say: that's a big figure with a BIG gun! He also has a few at his disposal! Basically, this is the other big heavy hitter in this wave. He fills out the entire box with both his size and the accessories he has; how it should be most of the time, in my opinion. And of course nice side panel art.

That promotional pic looks awkward. It makes his head look too big too. So we'll be moving on then.

In the grand scheme of things, that's not that much accessories. I was hoping he'd have swap out for his hands and I'll explain why, but at least he gets 3 guns rather than one. They all look nice a have a metallic dark grey paint; it also shimmers with some kind of blue tint, which is different.

This is a body mold that I have never liked (Sentry) and they use it on the bigger guys; the strong guys. Cable is not a powerhouse in that way, but he is a larger character so I see the logic, but I hate it. His head does look big for this body and his arms look puny, especially his metallic arm (which should be bigger). But Cable's gear, his shoulder pads, pouches, etc., does help balance the look out. And said equipment does have nice sculpting involved so that's a plus.

This side of Cable looks a bit more balance especially with that nicely sculpted head piece. The metallic arm looks a little on the skinny side so that's something I was hoping they'd pay attention to, but alas, this is the final piece. I do like the fact that he has gun storage for two out of the tree guns he has, so that's always a plus.

His paint is clean for the most part. There's nothing glaring other than some of the colors look dull. The most detail we get with Cable are on his equipment as they spent the time to really give the pouches some wear and tear look. But the rest of the figure's color does match up pretty well so I can't complain all that much.

Cable, articulation-wise, is kind of awkward. One of the main reasons why I don't like the Sentry body mold is the fact that he isn't proportioned to be posed in certain angles. I found him looking odd with certain dynamic shots. Those weird angles are covered up with Cable's accessories, but all that gear does hinder certain movements. Also, his right hand is the only gun hand he has. The cybernetic arm is an open palm, which only serves to support the bigger gun. It also means that he can only hold one gun at a time and for a character known for all his futuristic artillery and going into the battle gun-blazing, this is a misfire on Hasbro's part. With two smaller fire arms, he should be able to hold both for an awesome 'fire-in-the-hole' action shot! But alas, no alternate hands means no pictures like that.

It really is a shame because I wanted to like this figure more but the missing things that could have made this figure better was missing. One alternate hand for the right arm would have probably abated a lot of my gripe with this figure, but disappointingly, they couldn't put that in. Though the figure does look awesome and really true to the character. That is the one thing that probably saves this figure for me. I recommend him to complete your Sasquath set and this costume is nostalgia for a lot of the fans that grew up with the X-Men animated series.

Until Next Time!

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