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Marvel Legends Sasquatch BAF: Deathlok

Updated: Mar 8, 2019

The last of the figures from this wave is the new Marvel Legends Deathlok! A character who has been around for quite some time, Deathlok has never been that popular compared to the entirety of the Marvel Universe. He has an appearance in the Marvel TV Series Agents of SHIELD, but for the most part, he remains obscure. So does that affect his Marvel Legends form? Let's find out.

Deathlok made an appearance during the Apocalypse arc within the Uncanny X-Force; the second run of Wolverine's Black Ops team. He actually became part of said team and had a small arc based on him so I kind of see the logic with putting him in a #Deadpool wave. Side art looks decent; definitely is accurate this version of Deathlok (and yes, there are a few versions of him).

Funniest thing is that I almost forgot to review this guy! I had all the photos on my laptop, but for some reason thought I already posted the pics and reviewed. I was wrong, so here we are! The last piece of the puzzle!

Pretty standard accessories for someone who is a gun-totting cyborg. Actually, aside form one gun, I'd say he mirrors Cable in the amount of accessories; but I suppose they count the sets of bullets as an accessory and not as an extension of the gatling gun?

Now details wise, he really does have something to admire. Good amount of sculpting and a lot of added parts that makes him feel like a figure that Hasbro did not shortcut. They could have easily just painted the metallic parts of Deathlok but they didn't do that, instead they added separate parts (Cable, it looks like) like his belt, arms, shoulder pads, boots, etc. This kind of tactic for characters that has things going on with their default design is highly appreciated by both collectors and fans of the character/comic books alike. Now I can't say that there are plenty of Deathlok fans out there, but one thing is for certain, those who collected those Marvel trading cards with the stats info on the back will recognize this cyborg of death from the way Hasbro pulled this figure off. Even the face that precedes Spawn's lovely facial features is dead on like the Marvel character that I remember!

Classic. Nostalgia.

Of course I'm talking about that card right there! There was also a Deathlok card from 1991, but that was a different Deathlok(more on that later on this review). Of course there are a few inaccuracy with the figure and the card, but hey, it can't all be perfect! I can at least say that I really appreciate the effort with this figure.

Getting on with the rest of the figure, one can say that he isn't a symmetrical character so it's nice to see differences in his profile. It also helps that his coloring is pretty clean and there are no major issues with my figure. I love the different gun metal that is put on his 'back pack' and his guns, which really sets it apart from his cybernetic arms and legs. Also the contrast of his rotten head really does give him that feel of partially man and mostly machine.

As far as his articulation goes, he's actually pretty easy to pose. Sure Deathlok isn't the character that requires a ton of dynamic poses since he spends most of his time walking forward and shooting his opponents (Terminator kind of guy, if you ask me), but still, I had some problems with gun-totting Marvel Legends in the past. Somehow, Deathlok does just fine. He holds his gatling gun with ease, which makes the idea of a walking tank seem more than possible. This body mold is, without a doubt, one of the better ones that they came out with as of late; it has most of the standard range of movements and still looks anatomically correct.

Here's the classic Toybiz Deathlok from the Galactus BAF wave. For the longest time, that Deathlok was the only one we had and the new one is a welcome upgrade. The neat thing about this is that both Deathloks are two different characters so the new Hasbro Deathlok isn't necessarily replacing the older one.

Honestly, Deathlok is probably one of the funnest figures I had this wave. He may not come with a lot of accessories, but the ones that he comes with compliments Deathlok. His paint job is standard for Hasbro, but they are sharp and clean in every bit of way and they are also enhanced with the sculpted parts that are distributed all over the figure. No quality issues with his joints, everything works, and he was just a ton of fun taking a picture of. I highly recommend him just to add to your Marvel gallery. If the Sasquatch BAF wave doesn't appeal, there's definitely something about Deathlok that sets him apart from the rest of the figures. Speaking of the #BAF, next up is Sasquatch himself!

Until Next Time!

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