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Marvel Select: Thanos

Updated: Mar 10, 2019

Ah, the Marvel Select Thanos! This is a figure I've had for a long time. I had no intention of opening him, but as fate would have it, he was meant to be out of the box this year. So with that said, Destiny Awaits so let's check him out!

As with most #Marvel_Select figures I have, I intentionally keep them unopened and as 'wall decorations' (One day, I'll showcase their primary use within my game room, once it's finished). Unfortunately, a few of them got tired of being a 'peg warmer' and they took the dive to my carpeted floor. No damage to the figures so far, but the pegs keeping them afloat gave in as shown on the picture to the left. I always take it as a 'sign' for a new figure to open up and possibly a new review.

Marvel Selects are visually pleasing kept in the box for a few reasons. Their package spells 'comic book' all over it and not to mention, most of the time, they are posed in a pleasing manner. The side art of the characters' face are always appreciated as well. Thanos and his handsome mug is something that fans can't get enough of these days!

Oh and that iconic Infinity Gauntlet cover! It is the MCU's driving force from the very beginning.

Thanos is not supplied with a lot of accessories. He has his famous Infinity Gauntlet and he comes with a non-poseable Death figurine. She has an variant 'human' face which is... not exactly the best.

Is it wrong to find the skull face more attracting than the fleshed one? Also, if they were going to give her a human face, her hands needed something to. So in short, the idea is nice but the execution isn't exaclty up to par.

For all intent and purpose, Death is an accessory that accompanies Thanos. She is a large accessory and she comes with some pretty good details. The clothing on her robe and hood is undeniably something one can appreciate. There are shadowing and paint detail throughout. The skeleton hands and skull are well done and also she has a feminine posture that definitely keeps Thanos' attention. Just ignore the variant face that comes with Death.

As for Thanos himself, he is not to disappoint in terms of how he looks. It's definetly Thanos at his Infinity Gauntlet appearance. He looks menacing, comic-book accurate, and just downright massive.

While subtle, Thanos does have some good shadowing effects on him. One thing about Marvel Selects is that they usually have great paint details; reminiscent of Toybiz's days when they used to be the Marvel Legends provider. One thing to note about my Thanos is that due to the way he was posed inside the package, the right side of his 'shoulder guard(?)' is slightly warped. I have not made any attempts to remedy it, but it can be done, I'm assuming.

Some of the paint job also suffered from being inside the pacakge for such a long time, but nothing too bad.

The sculpting is also something to admire. While it may be odd musculature, Thanos is after all a Titan so it's definitely passable.

In terms of his articulation, he is an older Marvel Select. They basically are 'poseable' statues. He has basic range of movements, no ankle pivots, and legs that are hindered by his 'skirt' piece. With key rotations missing on his arms and no swivels on his wrists, he is highly limited to some poses that would look good on camera. Not that you need Thanos to move like Spider-Man, he does need a little more articulation to get some action shots.

To get an idea how massive he is, here is behind the Marvel Legends Thanos BAF (the one that came with the first Hasbro Marvel Legends Spider-Woman that I so adore). Obvioulsy these are two different costumes but the BAF gives a little more options for movements; not by much, but definitely noticeable.

So where does this beast hold up on the modern age of collecting? Well, he looks damn good. He is, in my humble opinion, a definitive representation of Thanos from the popular Marvel Event that paved the ideas to the MCU's grand event this summer. Aesthetics are the pros and lack of articulation are the cons. For those familiar with Marvel Select from back then should not be surprised with what Thanos has to offer. Well, that's it for now!

Until Next Time!

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