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Merry Christmas 2021

2021's Holiday season just hit us out of nowhere! The annual festivity day is here and don't dare to think for a second I will not take the time to indulge! We'll start with my one and only Miqo'te, A'rlen Sirushi! Eorzea is festive throughout the last few weeks and I love it! Here she is taking a picture in front of a rather festive Christmas Tree! And I bet he has a willing and sexy Y'shtola waiting for her somewhere, right? Once in a while, the baddest Scion decides to step out of character and have some.... "fun" with the cutest WoL in the First and the Source!

And since it is that time, here are some random artwork of my #Victorious_Vixens going holly and jolly with spirit! Most are edits, but hey! It works. Jessica Drew with a Santa hat is just amazing!

We all know that Rikku's outfit won't do her any good in Mt. Gagazet, but hey! Why not! Give a Santa Hat while we are at it, eh?

Just imagine Terra using her ice magic to make the spirits bright! Narshe is also quite snowy so she's not too far off from being festive--that outfit and the green-ish-y hair, right?

Xlayers is a god. That's all. Do click on his Twitter. And, of course, what is a Christmas with Elsa without one of my favorite Frozen songs!

With that said, MERRY CHRISTMAS everyone! Hope the day is filled with nothing but positive vibes!

Until Next Time!

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