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Art Share/Commission: 2B DiD Feature

Updated: Oct 11, 2020

What's sexier then 2B? 2B bound and gagged with some nice fancy rope work! Okay so the pic above by PabloComics does not have the sexy Android from Nier Automata gagged. But she's sure bundled up and ready for some... distress? Wonderful artwork! Definitely worth sharing!

Thought I was done? Heaven's no! WossaRem kicked some buns with these pics!

Nick-Laws joins the fray with this wonderful pic! Nice commissioned art!

Ikelag draws a very wonderful profile close up of 2B wearing a complimenting accessory.

And what can ReptileEye NOT make sexy with bondage? Definitely love this pic!

And then there's Skelebomb. I love this guy's' art so much! I am so honored to have worked with him more than enough times in the past.

Speaking of privileged, or not.... I have been wanting to work with LOZ for a long time now but just can't get a break. Sucks since he draws awesome DiDs with variations.

AromaSensei drew a version with shibari and other things I am not into so I won't even mention. This is hot though.

And look at this! Who DiD this again? gh0st-of-Ronin's commission?! Yes this is XShentong's art, mind you!


Now I'm sure there are plenty I missed. There are a lot of 2B bondage art out there and some are too inappropriate even for my website. Just thought I'd share a good handful of them!

Until Next Time!

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