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Art Share: Aya DiD Moments

Updated: Oct 11, 2020

Aya Brea is a character I have adored for some time. Ever since the first Parasite Eve, she has always had this attractive vibe to her that is almost glossed over because she could be considered a cliched archetype. But I can't ignore the fact that she is very appealing and her game/s, Parasite Eve is something I adore; albeit I only played and finished the first one. I think her first appearance in her famous black dress definitely had an impact. These days, Aya is not as prominent, but despite all that, she does have some fans who.... are very adamant in ensuring she's going to find herself in ropes. So, with that said, let's check these various artwork out!

Also, please click on the pictures for a link to the actual post. More info about the artwork like Commissioners' names and other important things. Please check out the original source!

"Daring Escape"

Aya eventually finds herself sporting a casual wear: tank top and ripped jeans. Bondlicitous decided that Aya needed a moment in that outfit in a situation that seemingly still shows Aya trying her best to get out of her situation Obviously, she's going to have a hard time due to.... the impediment. This daring escape may NOT get anywhere too far!


NickLaw-Arts DEFINITELY is a favorite of mine. He has a very vibrant cartoony style and he likes using a LOT of rope and tape. This #Commission (commissioner is anonymous) is done quite well. I definitely love this scenario.

Aya brea Bound and Gagged

StudioKatsumi is a reoccurring artist on my page, that much is obvious. This lovely commission by an artist who wants to remain 'nameless', dared put Aya in a lotus position while wearing her dress. Lots of rope and all that struggling caused Aya's dress to malfunction. Funny that she's not wearing a bra. Though I'm not complaining!

Aya Brea Hogtied

I think Aya might regret wearing that dress! Anyways, while I have yet to work with MisterEye, I do adore the artwork produced by this artist. Another artist who wants to make sure Aya is not going anywhere with all that rope. Also, there's a thing for her barefoot.... and I'm not complaining.

"Barefoot Blonde Babes"

Speaking of Aya barefoot..... This is Kidetic's art we're talking about! AND There's Rikku in there! This is an older art of his and one can see the progress he has made. Though this is still a wonderful art. Aya just looks like she's aching some attention since only Samus and Rikku are getting the attention!


Again, I try not to post too much OVERLY lewd stuff but I can't help with this one. This is definitely MileShendon's work. A commissioned artwork by a fellow #DeviantArtist by the name of TheLingeringShadow, said deviant is definitely making some good tracks on the #commissioning game!

Well, that concludes my Aya Brea DiD artshare! Hope you all enjoy these wonderful artworks! I certainly DID!

Until Next Time!

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